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Donations are needed to support our work providing emergency response services, community health workers, planning and training, and emergency supplies and services for the South Los Angeles area.


100% of your donations to our Community Response Fund will support CRSSLA and our partners providing services to hundreds of people each week. Donations support the establishment of a new ACH collaborative in South Los Angeles, which prioritizes the role of community voice and equity in health system transformation, in areas of SLA that experience significant health inequities and disparities. 

Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches (LAM) is the lead agency for the Community Response System of South Los Angeles/ACH. We work to empower the community by investing, training and equipping people with the necessary information, data, confidence, skills and resources needed to be active participants and contributors to local and global health systems.

Click below to donate on the LAM website. Please include “CRSSLA” in your gift note.

Thank you for your support for this very important project.

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