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Response System of
South Los Angeles

A project of Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches (LAM)

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A collaborative effort

The Community Response System of South Los Angeles (CRSSLA) is a collaborative effort of long standing community-based organizations, churches, academic and educational institutions, health clinics and other stakeholders in South Los Angeles.

Our goal is to identify resources for rapid response, emergency operations centers, medical triage, distribution centers, and command centers that coordinate with various government agencies responsible for deploying information and resources in our area in case of a pandemic or other crises.

Additionally, CRSSLA is developing an immediate deployment strategy to respond and assist where needed. Los Angeles Metro Churches is the lead agency for CRSSLA.

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Legacy Partner

University of Southern California

CRSSLA appreciates the support received on this project from USC. Their Government Relations and Homeless Initiative offices both reached out to make sure South Los Angeles was cared for. Given the scope of potential need here, it means a lot to be proactively acknowledged.  A terrible crisis has brought out community spirit and connected us in a collaboration between grassroots leadership and an anchor institution with resources to offer.  USC is sharing the energy and brains of students along with practical help to get food and supplies.  A special shout out to Steve Wesson, Village Ombudsman in University Relations, and Dr. Brenda Wiewel from the USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness. This is about rolling up our sleeves and working side by side to get the job done. Fight on!

"CRSSLA is committed to service built on a culture of care."

Robert M. Sausedo, President/CEO, Community Build, Inc. / Co-Founder, CRSSLA

Robert Sausedo on the George Floyd protests

Robert Sausedo on the George Floyd protests

Community Outreach Videos

Wooten depression video by Alexia Cadena

Wooten depression video by Justin Grey  

Wooten depression video by Kai Ciofassa

Wooten depression video by Fernando Villegas

Wooten depression video by Mileva Villegas

CRSSLA vaccine awareness video by Fernando Villegas

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