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The following are opportunities to join us in providing emergency response planning and services in South Los Angeles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We recommend choosing no more than one opportunity to concentrate your efforts where you feel you can help the most.


RSVP to participate in our public health or education committee meetings.
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Please feel free to follow up by sending an email on our Contact page or by calling (323) 290-6560. Thank you for your interests and support.

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Attend Committee Meetings

CRSSLA public health and education committees help develop and implement recovery and response strategies in the areas shown. 

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Volunteer Your Time

CRSSLA volunteers are people who help with specific or a variety of tasks. Whether bagging or distributing groceries or training leaders in CPR and first aid, volunteers are critical to our work.


Complete our Involvement Form to share your interests.

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Partner With Us

CRSSLA partners are civic, community, education and faith agencies and individuals working collaboratively to plan and respond to emergencies in South Los Angeles. They attend general and subcommittee meetings and are committed to providing resources such as staff, facilities, equipment and materials for our collective community interests.


Complete our Involvement Form​ to share your interests.

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