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A project of Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches (LAM)

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A Framework for Transformational Change

The Community Response System of South Los Angeles (CRSSLA) is a collaborative effort of long standing Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) led community-based organizations, churches, academic and school communities, health clinics, gig workers, small business, developers, investors, entertainment, arts and music, coaches and wellness experts in South Los Angeles.


Developing one collective strategy is not easy for a large network or any size for that matter. CRSSLA operates as a public/private partnership. Collective action is our goal. Members represent residents, health services consumers, school communities, parents, Black LGBTQ (youth and adults), health professionals & educators, CHWs/allied health professionals, mental health providers, substance abuse and homeless programs, violence interrupters, black super heroes, healing artists, justice officials, public health policy and workforce development. Do you wonder how we do it? Don't worry, we do too. 


Together we identify resources for rapid response, emergency operations centers, medical triage, distribution centers, and command centers that coordinate with various government agencies responsible for deploying information and resources in our area in case of a pandemic or other crises. For decades, long-standing inequities have exacerbated health & wealth in low-income communities and communities of color, resulting in persistent health disparities. Accountable Communities for Health (ACHs) provide a powerful framework for tackling those inequities by breaking down barriers and promoting a new way of working together. CRSSLA became a funded ACH in July 2023. ACHs rely on three core principles to marshal the collective action and transformational system changes that lead to healthier, stronger, more equitable communities. Contribute, watch and grow with us.  For the next 30 months, we are on the path to Wellness.      Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches is the fiscal sponsor/backbone organization for CRSSLA/ACH.

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Legacy Partner

University of Southern California

CRSSLA recognizes the support received on this project from USC. It started in the Government Relations and Homeless Initiative offices both reached out in April 2020 to make sure South Los Angeles was cared for. Given the scope of potential need here, it means a lot to be proactively acknowledged.  A terrible crisis brought out community spirit and connected us in a lasting collaboration between faith & community based leadership and USC. USC is sharing the energy and brain power of Public Health Graduate students. We like to say "Putting the Public Back Into Public Health". CRSSLA evolved. And scaling today thanks to the brain power of future public health leaders studying at USC.  A special shout out to all of the CRSSLA MPH interns. Forever Loved. Another special shout out to Steve Wesson, Village Ombudsman in Civic EngagementJane Steinberg, PhD, MPH, Director of Public Health Practice, Master of Public Health Program, Ricky Bluthenthal, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Social Justice at USC Keck School of Medicine and Brenda Wiewel, DSW, LCSW Faculty, Keck School of Medicine. The collaboration is about rolling up our sleeves and working side by side to get the job done. Fight on!

Robert M. Sausedo, President/CEO, Community Build, Inc. /Co-Founder, CRSSLA

"CRSSLA is committed to service built on a culture of care."

Robert Sausedo on the George Floyd protests

Robert Sausedo on the George Floyd protests

Youth Mental Health Challenge
Community Outreach Videos

School Notebook

Wooten depression video by Alexia Cadena

Wooten depression video by Fernando Villegas

Wooten depression video by Justin Grey  

Wooten depression video by Mileva Villegas

Wooten depression video by Kai Ciofassa

CRSSLA vaccine awareness video by Fernando Villegas

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